Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They're back to school!

I had planned to be disconnected and in the middle of moving today but due to that whole crappy delay in signing/funding/recording I'm sitting amidst a ton of boxes twiddling my thumbs and living off marshmallows, leftover pizza and Diet Coke (and yes, so is my family). If all goes well we'll be moving out tomorrow, so here's to praying all goes well!

In the meantime I did manage to get my girls off to school today for the first day with new teachers. Yes, their backpacks were empty (pencil cases, notebooks and writing utensils are in a box somewhere) and they have to buying school lunch (peanut butter, honey and Goldfish crackers are in a box somewhere), but they were still excited. I can't believe it's my oldest daughter's last year in elementary school--where did the time go? --Emily

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Anonymous said...

Man! I can't believe she's in her last year of elementary either!!! Wow!!! Your girls both look so gorgeous in these shots! They're such beautiful girls (inside & out). xoxo