Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love me or leave me...okay, don't really leave me

If you're sick of my lame, excuse-filled posts, I don't blame you. This summer seems to have been one of survival and I still have a couple weeks left before I find out if I win the final challenge. Okay, there's no final challenge but there is an upcoming move on the 25th and I am still trying to pack. This weekend is the Hobblecreek Half Marathon for which I've been training for the past few months and the 26th is the first day of school for my girls.

I hope you all love me enough to bear with me as I try to make it through the next week and a half. Believe me when I say I don't deserve all you loyal readers. I promise to try and make it up to you after I've made the move and made it through the first few days of school. I foresee maybe one more blog post before the move, and most likely on Friday since that's when we feature food. And if you haven't learned by now, I really, really love food. It's my favorite day to post!

So keep hanging in there with me and I'll be back on track once school is back on track. By then I should have my computer up and running and a clean change of underwear unpacked from its box. Love you all! --Emily

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Laura said...

Good luck with everything you have going on! I'm not moving but I know how hard it can be to get posts done when you're so busy!