Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is bedtime a seven-letter word in your home?

Today I had the fabulous opportunity to write a guest post for Petit Elefant, an awesome online magazine-style parenting blog, and because it took what little time and energy I had left last night to write it, I had little left for a post on freshly baked, a not-quite-as-cool-as-Petit-Elefant blog.

So instead of a super inspiring, original post I'm going to simply refer you to the one I wrote for Petit Elefant: "Bedtime, the seven-letter word"...and I'm going to throw in a little guilt trip as well. Here it is: if you don't comment I will think you didn't read it and I will cry and cry and cry myself to sleep tonight. Feeling the need to comment? I hope so!

Is bedtime a seven-letter word in your home? If you can relate to this excerpt from my post then it very well could be:

I think the only time I ever truly enjoy bedtime is when my kids are in the stage my youngest is in right now, the binky-blanket-book-bed stage. Just now I had to haul my three-year-old back to bed for the fourth time tonight. Oh, and here I am one sentence later and he’s back again…can you see my jaw tensing as I get up yet one more time to lead him back to bed in silence? And yes, I learned that trick from Super Nanny.

If that sounds familiar you'll want to read the post in its entirety. Bedtime is just three hours away...wish me luck! --Emily

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Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I thought of you when I got my daughter in bed by 8 with no problems. =) Miracles happen, because this is the first time in 4 years this has EVER happened!