Monday, June 8, 2009

5 Minutes for SEO

I admit it, I haven't set aside the time to really think about SEO for georgie tees or freshly baked. Perhaps it's because I already have so much on my plate and the thought of SEO is so overwhelming that I conveniently block out any and all thoughts of search engine optimization. Life is really good this way (i.e. ignorance is bliss but my search rankings aren't).

But thanks to "SEO Demystified: Breaking it Down Into the Basics," a guest post by Holly Klaassen on 5 Minutes for Mom, I have a new perspective on SEO and renewed energy to jump into optimizing my sites for those all-important search engines!

In Holly's post she breaks down SEO into some very basic points, making the process and application something even I could do--and without a lot of time spent on the more technical (aka overwhelmingly confusing and brain-busting) aspects:

[SEO] can seem especially daunting if you decide to just jump in and start reading some of the most popular SEO blogs (most of which assume at least an intermediate level of SEO knowledge). The reason this is unfortunate is that really, the basics of SEO are just that – basic.

"SEO Demystified" covers the foundations of SEO, technical components, keywords and links in a post that is as clear as it is concise. I'm tempted to throw out all the SEO-related sites that are collecting dust in my Firefox bookmarks folder after reading Holly's post and instead check out her e-book, 50 SEO Secrets for Mom Entrepreneurs. After her SEO guest post on 5 Minutes for Mom, I am one of Holly's newest and biggest fans! And as Holly says at the end of her post, "Go, do some SEO!" --Emily

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Susie said...

I saw that article but passed it up thinking that SEO is too overwhelming. You gave it such a ringing endorsement, I might give it a second look:-)