Wednesday, September 24, 2008

we love you, Bondville!

Sometimes it's a small, small world! A friend introduced me to Bandelle, which we posted about back in August (Bandelle -- jewelry that's all about you). Well, Bandelle's blog said "Thank you" to a few blogs that had recently featured the site and along with freshly baked, Bandelle mentioned Steph Bond from the blog Bondville. It all came full circle when this same friend sent us an email:

how did two bloggers that i know end up being promoted on another blog at the same time??? meet freshlybaked

Yes, it's a small world with more than enough thank-you's to go around, as we now would like to send one to Stephanie Bond for loving our tees and then blogging about it on Bondville (Hip products: georgie tees). Though we don't currently ship to Australia we're willing to make an exception if any Australians fall in love with our shirts after reading Stephanie's post. ;) Thank you! --Emily

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Steph Bond said...

Thanks for the love back Emily! Georgie Tees are fantastic and I hope we send you some new Aussie friends.
Best wishes,
Steph @ Bondville