Wednesday, September 24, 2008

another personal struggle hits the virtual stage

Last week for wonderful web wednesday we posted about how countless online troops are rallying around Stephanie and Christian Nielson (Stephanie is the author of the popular blog the Nie Nie Dialogues), who were recently in a private plane crash that caused them to suffer severe burn damage over much of their bodies. In "the NieNie Dialogues--it's no longer virtual," we wrote about how with the help of the online community funds are being raised to help with medical bills and any other support this family of six may need. The virtual world can be a wonderful place.

And now the cry is being raised again for another mother struggling with medical issues that may cause her to lose her home. Lori Hall Steele is a single mother and freelance writer, publishing more than 3,000 articles and even copy-editing Michael Moore’s book Dude, Where’s My Country?. She is also battling ALS (Lou Gherig's disease) and will lose her home to foreclosure because she has been too sick to work. Her medical bills have reached the $50k mark and will probably hit well over $120k. As many freelancers know, good health insurance is costly and even the best doesn't cover all those bills.

You can help support Lori's by visiting Save Lori's House and donating directly to the cause. You can also read all about the latest fundraising efforts , recent publicity and updates on Lori's condition. Even if you've already donated to the Nie Nie Fund I bet if you look hard enough you can find some spare change in that ol' couch to donate to another woman in need. You may have only "met" Lori online but just like Stephanie Nielson, the virtual world becomes a very personal one when a cry for help is heard. --Emily

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