Sunday, September 7, 2008

Touchpoint--the Startup Princess conference for women entrepreneurs

Yes, I'm back from the sunny shores of Kauai. I'm still trying to adjust to life without gallons of sunscreen and sand between my toes (and down my swimsuit--dang, those surfing lessons!) and I'll be honest, it's not an easy adjustment. But I'm glad I'm back if only to tell you about an annual event you won't want to miss, especially if you're a women entrepreneur or would love nothing else than to start your own business.

Touchpoint, Startup Princess' annual event, is a one-day conference bursting with information and networking for women business owners. For nine hours (8am to 5pm) women come together for one-on-one mentoring, workshops, small-group networking, interactive panels and even an elevator pitch competition. The keynote speaker of the event is Heather Madder, author and broadcaster (I originally posted about here here).

The one-on-one mentoring (space is limited so register NOW) lets attendees ask Startup Princess Fairy Godmothers their most challenging business questions and brainstorm about their business plans, marketing strategies, and more. You will be able to choose two of the following workshops:

  • "Communication that Conveys Confidence"
  • "Creating a Realistic and Successful Business Plan"
  • "Bootstrapping and Leveraging ALL your Assets"
  • "The Power of Developing Business Partners to Expand Your Visibility and Reach"
Workshop speakers include Shauna Kelly-Ward, Nicole Toomey Davis, Carol Rice (Founder of CherishBound), and Rachael Herrscher (Founder of Today’s Mama).

Panel discussions (did I mention I'm one of the panel speakers?) and the elevator pitch competition (cash and prizes) follow. The day wraps up with a boutique where you can discover great services and products while supporting fellow Startup Princesses.

Lunch and conference materials are included in the registration fee. The first 50 attendees will receive 1 hour of one-on-one business mentoring at the event. Early registration for Touchpoint is $99 but ends September 9th at midnight. After that the price will be $119 through the 22nd and $139 after that. If you want to attend then early registration is a wise choice for your business' budget! The event is being held in Sandy, Utah at the Miller Innovation Center (SLCC campus).


Kelly said...

THANKS Emily for sharing our event with your readers, seriously you're so generous and kind. Can't wait to finally MEET you and have you as a panelist!

Anyone in the Utah area reading this...we hope you can join us for an action-packed day to help you grow your business or help you develop your business ideas. :)

-Kelly, Startup Princess

Vicki Arnold said...

This looks like a great event. We could use something like this in the Cincy area.

I have something for you girls at my blog. :-)

women entrepreneurs said...

This sounds like a wonderful event for women entrepreneurs. Thank you for sharing. I wish I could have made it! Don't suppose you know of anything else coming up in the near future?

the girls of gt said...

I don't know of one coming up soon but I would subscribe to StartupPrincess' RSS feed so you'll be notified when they have another great event!