Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jack Johnson Helped Me Birth My Baby

A photo I took while enjoying the Jack Johnson concert at the Usana Amphitheater standing less than 20 feet from the stage. Pure heaven!

But let me explain the title of this post. Or rather, let this excerpt from my recent guest post on TodaysMama explain:
By the time it came around to our last child I had it down. I knew hypnobirthing with its exercises and relaxation CDs wasn’t for me, but the concept of distraction would work. So what to put on my MP3 player that would take me to my happy place and help me zone out when those non-painful (LMAO) contractions are hitting every two minutes? The be-still-my-beating-heart sounds of Jack Johnson. {click here to read the full article}
This was a really fun post for me to write. If you're dying to discover just how Jack Johnson helped in the labor and delivery room, check out "Birth Stories: Jack Johnson Helped Me Birth My Baby." And take some time to read the other experiences featured on TodaysMama. THESE are the stories we should be sharing, not the "I knew this woman who...{fill in the blank with scare-you-****less birthing experience}" stories.

Do you have any tips or tricks you use during pregnancy and labor/delivery? What works for you?


Cat said...

Blog-surfed in... I didn't read the full article (yet), but just wanted to say - Jack Johnson helped me birth my baby, too! :) The soulful sounds of "Taylor" were playing when my dear son took his first breath. Jack Johnson makes everything a little sweeter. :)

Emily Hill said...

Cat, I absolutely love that "Taylor" was playing when your son took his first breath. Awesome!

Kalli Ko said...

That was great Emily. Really I liked it a lot.

Like we talked about that night at Vanessa's, it's all about what works for YOU and I think so many mom's miss that point entirely.

Quinn said...

Loved this post (& the full version at Today's Mama)!!! You rock, girl! I'm going to be following your lead during my next birth when I go all natural. Never done it before and I'm very curious. ;)

Anonymous said...

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