Friday, December 4, 2009

Recipe wrap-up

Like many of you whenever I come across a great blog post or tempting recipe or wonderful online resource, I add it to my browser's bookmarks (in its appropriate folder, of course). Because Friday has typically been food for thought friday around here I have more than my fair share of food-related bookmarks in that folder. I'm starting to crumble under the weight of them all so today I thought I'd simply choose ten, which you can click on and browse at your leisure.

Sure, it's the lazy way to do things but with my holiday schedule--and new website's layout itching to be designed--it's all I've got. Next week you might be lucky enough to find ten more. (I collect online bookmarks like my daughter collects stray insects for pets.) By the way, I am still anxious to post those laundry tips and the photo of Mr. Maytag Repairman and hope to do so on Monday!

Do you have any bookmarked recipes or food-related links you'd like to share? I'd love to add more to the list!

Image by Muffet, shared via Flickr.

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