Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On a little vacay

Some day I will stop making excuses for my lack of posts...some day...perhaps I should simply write one post a week with all the reasons why I won't be writing more posts that week or why last week's posts were few and far between. Hey, that kind of sounds like a good idea so here's this week's list of excuses:

  1. We close on our home August 25th and have put an offer on only one home--a short sale in Draper which means it won't be a short process at all. No other homes have struck our fancy so we could be homeless in less than four weeks. House hunting takes up a good portion of my week. Over 30 homes and counting!
  2. I am behind on posting for Rocky Mountain Moms Blog so I need to catch up on that this week.
  3. I drove 12 hours yesterday with four kids (and one sister) in the car from Utah to California.
  4. I'm on vacation while in California so I'll be posting whenever and whatever I please.
  5. We'll be at Six Flags Marine World tomorrow and San Francisco on Friday. Doubt I'll have the time or energy to post.
  6. My mom has threatened to take away all computer privileges because I'm supposed to be on vacation.
  7. I'm too busy eating junk food, sitting on the back patio watching the kids and hitting Target for all the things we forgot to pack including a swimsuit, goggles and Diet Coke.
  8. We tend to stay up really late playing games so there's little time for silly Facebooking or Twittering.

Eight seems like a good, solid list of excuses for this week. If you're lucky I might try another post on Friday, probably some tasty recipe I'll be cooking while here--or one of my mom's fave recipes. For now I'm going offline to scavenge in the pantry for Mother's Iced Oatmeal cookies. My sister better not have eaten them all!
Image by t3mujin, shared via Flickr.

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Sell...Party Of 3 said...

So. Jealous. I wanna be in San Fran right now. I guess WJ will have to do, rrriight! I'll keep telling myself that.