Monday, July 7, 2008

all mompreneurs deserve a little R&R

I'm starting to detect a theme when it comes to my random mompreneur monday posts this summer. Perhaps it's because I've actually taken my own advice and am enjoying summer vacation...even with the kids at home. I'm currently typing this from my parents' home in California waiting for the 104-degree weather to hit. I'm hoping to cool off inside Trader Joe's, one of my must-visit places when I come out here since we don't yet have one in Utah.
Anyway, Trader Joe's Dunkers and Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins have nothing to do with today's post, which highlights a site I think is a fabulous resource for women business owners. I believe I've mentioned it before but it's worth mentioning again. is "an international network for women entrepreneurs to learn and support one another." The site, started about two years ago by a mom struggling to launch her own company, offers wonderful resources such as interviews, articles, and the ever popular networking events. Members even have access to experienced mentors (a.k.a. Fairy Godmothers) willing to share the secrets of their success with other Startup Princesses.

I have read numerous articles (I suggest you add the site's RSS feed to your blog reading list) and bookmarked many of them for future reference. I especially love the ones dealing with Life Balance issues. (Made a good start on that one this summer!) As a business owner I think it's extremely important to find sites chock full of resources and information that will help you grow your business, and is one of those sites. Check out the article "Success is a Decision." It just might change your thinking when it comes to the success of your own business (or any other task you undertake).

While you read I think I'll head downstairs, in my PJ's of course, and have a big bowl of Cocoa Pebbles for breakfast. I am on vacation, you know, so anything goes (and it's all calorie free!). --Emily

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kelly king anderson said...

Thank you for sharing the love, girls! We love you! BTW, want to speak on a panel at our upcoming Fall Sept 26 SLC conf? Email me. We'd love to feature you.