Thursday, January 24, 2008

powerful plastic

For today's thankful thursday I am thankful for those little rectangular pieces of plastic that seem to multiply in my wallet, and I'm not talking exclusively of credit cards. Here are my faves:

  • GAP Silver (the perfect multitasker)--Use it at GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic; earn those fun little (sometimes big if I just shopped the Friends & Family discount) rewards certificates; hide those extra clothing purchases from DH
  • Citibank credit card--0% interest for 12 months...need I say more? (I'm a pro at the 0% interest card; we have yet to ever pay interest on a credit card balance.)
  • Costco membership card--6-lb bags of Foster Farms frozen chicken, a month's supply of Dino Nuggets, and $1 churros
  • AAA membership card--Not as flashy as my GAP or Citibank but it sure comes in handy when DH's Audi dies on the side of the road (can you get new transmissions at Costco?)
  • Frequent diner/buyer/whatever cards--You've gotta love those "buy ten get one free" cards. We've picked up free pizzas, haircuts, bakery bread, gourmet caramel apples, and meals from Bajio and Cafe Rio. Now if I could just get one for those $1 churros at Costco...
What are your favorite pieces of plastic in your wallet? Any that get you into trouble? (Yep, that would be my GAP Silver...gets me into trouble all the time!) --Emily

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