Monday, January 7, 2008

more like a "mom" monday

Yep, it's 10:35 p.m. on what would typically be our mompreneur monday and I'm finally getting around to posting. That's because today's mompreneur monday was more "mom" monday than anything else, and I'm learning--as you've probably guessed by my recent posts--that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. And, boy, has it crumbled!

With colds making their way through all four kids (my two-year-old just can't seem to kick it), this mompreneur has put business on the back burner for the past few days, and I may have to do so for a day or two more. It can get a little frustrating not checking items off my georgie tees to-do list, but guess what? I've found my little business world
keeps on turning even if emails sit in my Inbox for more than a few hours and our blog has only three new posts this week instead of five. (I'm sure you've all learned this already but some of us, after giving birth to four children, are working with a significantly smaller than usual amount of brain cells and epiphanies like this take some time.)

I'm signing off now to go comfort our littlest one who thinks 10:30 p.m. means party time rather than sleep time. Maybe next Monday I'll have something more "mompreneur" to offer. Or maybe this post was
a good little reminder that wiping a snotty nose and cooling a fevered brow trumps a company to-do list any day. --Emily

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