Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trunkettes design sexy yet comfortable swimwear

Yes, we're still taking the summer off but I did a review on Boutique Cafe perfect for fashion trend tuesday and very summer related. I tested a new line of swimwear called Trunkettes, which incorporates swim trunks for women in a variety of styles that coordinate with tankinis, halter and underwire tops. With cute prints and a flattering fit I thought this line of swimwear was perfect for those who want a little more comfort and a little less bikini waxing this summer. (Don't we all?)

To read the full Trunkettes review on Boutique Cafe, click here. Happy swimsuit shopping! (Okay, so "happy" and "swimsuit shopping" don't usually go together but with Trunkettes they just might!) --Emily

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Vicki Arnold said...

I love this! I've never seen them before, I will be passing along the link. :-)