Monday, June 16, 2008

summer update

Funny how everything sometimes works out. Soon after our last post about taking the summer off my family went on a last-minute trip to southern California. We had a timeshare week set to expire this year and on June 3rd I called to check out the available short-notice weeks. Miraculously one was open in Anaheim at the Peacock Suites, just 3 blocks from Disneyland, starting June 6th. I am not a very spontaneous person but we went for it! My parents even packed up and headed down to meet us there since my husband couldn't leave work. My sister joined us in the car to help with the kids and we headed down south last Saturday.

Though the hotel suite was a bit crowded with 4 adults, 2 pre-teens, a toddler and an infant we somehow survived and had a fantastic time. We created lots of memories, some which kept us laughing late at night when we all fell in to bed at midnight (including the babies). I didn't have to worry about blog posts or business and even with the long lines at Disneyland and California Adventure it felt like a real vacation. Of course the trips to the Corona del Mar tide pools and shakes at Ruby's on the Huntington Beach pier helped a bit! This past week was a great reminder that spending time with family, even while waiting in line for the Nemo's underwater adventure (aka the submarine ride), is much more important than checking email. I know...I didn't check email the entire week! --Emily

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henny said...

It was a great holiday! Your posting remind me of my holiday at US and went to Disneyland almost 20years ago! Still a highschool student at that time.. Wow, time flies.