Wednesday, September 26, 2007

peace and tranquility--it's an attitude!

As women and mothers, peace and tranquility are sometimes just an illusion, a pipe dream, our castle in the sky. In fact as I type this I have one of my 3 year olds sitting on my lap, and Curious George blaring in the background to buy me time with my other 2 kids. Not exactly conducive to any work environment. But as I sit here staring at my planner, trying to figure out where to begin on today's To Do List, I catch a whiff of my son's freshly washed hair and get a sense of tranquility. And as I hold him in my arms I get a feeling of peace, knowing that for now all is safe and well. If that isn't working, try taking it out on a large bowl of halloween M&M's. It is all in the attitude...easy said!

Speaking of Peace and Tranquility, check out the artist of our new Mama Lisa tee, Mike Bradshaw. Mike has loads of experience in graphic design, but where his real love lies is photography. His photos will send you on a journey, and you'll see beauty in the mundane (kind of like doing laundry). You'll feel like you had a mini vacation at your computer! Mike was fabulous helping us turn our concept of Mama Lisa into reality, and putting up with two, possibly unbalanced, moms. Having him as a brother-in-law has its perks! --LeShan

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