Wednesday, September 19, 2007

cheap therapy!

I can't say that blogging comes as naturally to me as it does for some people, but I will give it credit as good therapy. Especially when you take into account that my best friend and business partner lives on the other side of the country...I'll take all the help I can get! That's probably why we had to create something new to add to our fun and humorous maternity tees. We thought, what goes well with humor? Well, "artistic" flare of course! The new artistic line will feature our Mama Lisa tee with a modern yet feminine touch. Our new custom tee is made of the softest pima cotton with a bit of stretch, and longer fit, so it works great with moms-to-be or moms-who-are. I personally can't wait to wear mine! Also new to georgietees, is the lap tee. We think it's nifty because it offers the same comfortable, fun tee for the growing toddler. We know your toddler is learning to express themselves, our humorous lap tees make it even easier!

Youv'e seen the latest on georgietees, now you can hear the latest. Check out our podcast with the ladies who bring us The Madness of Motherhood show. What a great experience to talk with these fun women who are mompreneurs helping other mompreneurs. They share the same ups and downs as the rest of us, and understand what it's like trying to juggle pb&j's and emails. Being a mom and trying to run a business isn't easy, but can be so rewarding. That's why we believe that humor truly is the only way to survive! --LeShan

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