Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reteez: fashion-forward recycling

I don't usually attempt a fashion trend tuesday; writing fashion posts is definitely not my forte. But when I heard about ReTeez from a recent HARO query I just had to share their line of upcycled t-shirt totes with you. ReTeez has done a fabulous job turning yesterday's t-shirts into today's totes. It's fashion with an eco-friendly twist!

Just how does ReTeez make their
one-of-a-kind totes and accessories? They purchase vintage t-shirts from secondhand shops all over North America and receive donations from "eco-minded individuals who are happy to see their beloved used T shirt get a new home and a new life!" ReTeez also gets their hands on retailers' cast-offs, returns, seconds, irregulars and overstocked t-shirts. And rescuing these tees means a really cool product line and a great alternative to landfill.

Their most popular product is the ReTeez Vintage T-shirt Tote. Each one is original and handmade. The totes are washed with eco-friendly detergent, reinforced with interfacing, lined with recycled fabric and even includes an inner pocket. Because they're truly one of a kind, if you see one you like you better buy it before it's gone!

I also love their Lunch Totes, also known as "A Better Lunch Tote." These lunch totes are "better" than that brown bag you've been using because they're upcycled, eco-friendly, reversible and machine washable. Try throwing your brown bag in the washing machine and see what happens. And machine washing is a better alternative to scrubbing those vinyl-lined lunch boxes your kids have been using!

ReTeez adds new Vintage T-Shirt Totes and Lunch Bags weekly, so if nothing strikes your fancy this visit make sure you check back the following week. I don't think the problem will be finding something you like; I think it will be trying to decide just which one to get. Good luck with that! --Emily

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